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About Us

Gold Philosophy is a New York based jewelry label established in the Spring

of 2014. Our signature design was inspired by fresh water cultured pearls with 18K gold vermeil.


The foundation of Gold Philosophy’s jewelry label lies within its innate ability to capture

the essence of the timeless and elegant woman. Gold Philosophy’s aesthetic stems from the juxtaposition of pearls with spikes and layers. Ultimately evoking

a feeling of simplicity and youthfulness.


Gold Philosophy is committed to keeping its vision and expert craftsmanship inspired by its audience and beauty of the natural pearl, one that has served as inspiration from the start.

20210501 gold philosophy28551.jpg
20210501 gold philosophy28788.jpg

Design Aesthetics

A modern fashion-forward twist where edgy meets chic, and classic meets innovating, collaborating with each other in the most united and unpredictable way
Whether you wear it in layers or on its own, the architectural structure with different points of view, enticing setting, and a distinctive style, makes the pieces “must haves.”
Suited to all ages and complementing any occasion, Gold Philosophy collection give a contemporary new style to what we all known from classic pearls.

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