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November 24, 2021


Gold Philosophy will always be there for you, cause you're there for us too!  We all loved the iconic show Friends and rewatched marathons of it to relive all the fun.

ow it's time for you to find out which Friends character best suits you and the signature piece each member must have in their jewelry collection!

Read through each person's qualities to find out who really matches you!


Joey Tribbiani


Dare we say that he is everyone's favorite?  

"How you doin'?" It's no secret people are drawn to you; you have a distinct quality about yourself that just attracts everyone in your path.  You are charming, young at heart and always shine like a star, definitely the talk of the town.  Your signature jewelry must show that much positive energy radiating out as well! We think that the Twinkle Star Earrings will capture your personality just great!.


Rachel Green


"I got off the plane."   You're a woman who's used to the extravagant life.  You are the chosen one. You may have a flair for luxury but you remain the sensual girl next door at heart.  You often fall victim to romantic gestures, but there is no crime in a little love and passion.  You don't want a boring repetitive life and you are definitely not going to have one.  Your partner in crime is non other than the Upside-Down Ring


Or perhaps eGift Card is another option for our courageous and always true to her

authentic self Rachel.


Monica Geller 


" Not just clean, Monica clean!" You are a perfectionist and you're proud of it, and why wouldn't you be?  Everyone wishes they had your amazing skills in organization and control.  Not only are you best with a kin eye in organization, but you are also driven by your competitive nature.  You love to accept a good challenge and even possess the confidence to go against your opponents when the odds may be against you.  Your signature style needs to have the qualities of being number one and showing off details.  You know that the smallest details matter, so it's only fitting tha tyour jewelry acquires the intricacy you seek.  Your piece is the Pyramid Pearl Earrings


No product

Chandelier Bing 


BING! Could you BE any more sarcastic and stylish? You are truly the jokester of your friend group.  Your sarcasm brings down the house and everyone's always excited to hear what you have to say next.  Satire has never looked so good!  Although your humor is such a big aspect of your personality, you are also driven by your giving attributes.  Sometimes you may even feel "hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love", but do not fear, that's only because of your unique personality and your will 100% find your Monica!  For the captain of comebacks, the