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We aren't going to lie, 2022 was a sweet roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows at every turn, and we can't be more optimistic to start this year with motivational and conscious intentions!  2023 is here and so are our realistic resolutions that will be sure to brighten up your year.  

Let's kick off 2023 with new Gold Philosophy jewelry we have to offer this year.

Read on to discover meaningful and manageable goals, along with first-ever insight on the jewelry to come 2023.

1. Stick to your healthy routine!

In these times we are often reminded of how important it is to remain healthy and keep our immune systems strong.  It's time to stick to those healthy habits and not get discouraged.  Your new healthy goal doesn't have to be anything extreme, start easy like drinking more water or try an easy breezy morning walk and go from there!

Along with your new healthier perspective, you can also look forward to new jewelry that can symbolize your new commitment to this goal.  Peitho Chain Earrings - Emerald's beautiful hue and structured nature can be the perfect addition to remind you of your commitment to yourself.

20220423 goldphilosophy0026 2_edited.jpg

2. Random acts of kindness.


In life, we should always strive to be compassionate and kind; what better way to brighten up other people's days!  This new year makes it a habit to help those around you by doing acts of services, and it can be as simple as giving compliments from the heart, or even holding the door open for people behind you.  2023 you are all about spreading warmth and cheer!  Plus, acts of kindness makes you a lot more attractive, according to survey!

To match your attractive and compassionate personality, look no further, Retro Ridge Ear Hoop is it.  The way the pearls are set and presented in this earring will effortlessly reflect your bubbly personality and even suggest the zestful nature you are trying to uphold.

A few more pieces to guarantee you to shine, wherever you go!

20220423 goldphilosophy0081_edited.jpg
IMG_1439 3.jpg

3. Prioritize self care


Self-care is important, we all know that, but few of us really take time to do so.  Taking proper time out to treat yourself or have days to tend to your well-being can make drastic difference in your life.  The way you go about your self care may be different than others, and that's okay because you know what works best for you.  Indulging in more self-caring activities this year can help promote progress in all aspects of your life. When you feel good, you are more motivated and more likely to increase productivity in what you do.  Make 2023 the year you prioritie yourself and watch the things you want in life manifest!

This year you need to treat yourself like the gem that you are and what better way to represent that than being embellished in premium grade cubic zirconias with 18k gold vermeil?! Venus Ear Cuff says it all and more!

20220423 goldphilosophy0041_edited.jpg

These additions make self-care a lot more fun!

4. Start A Side Hustle!


This year, you have a calling to be even more independent and creative than ever, tune into that!  

Don't be afraid to start up a side hustle in your free time, you never know how far it may get!  You might have been thinking about doing this for years waiting for the perfect time, well news flash, there's never going to be a perfect time to start now and take the risk instead of losing your chance! If starting a side hustle isn't your speed, consider taking up a new hobby instead.  It's always a good idea to acquire a new skill and grow in ways you haven't before

KT-079 just screams trying new things!  This earring cuff gives a fresh new unique look to any assemble.  The linked chain effect is definitely going to be a hot new trend for 2023!

20220423 goldphilosophy0006 8_edited.jpg

5. New Year, New Outlook!

Some of you might find it difficult to be as positive as you would like these past couple years, let's try to step that up a bit in 2023!  We are going to remain optimistic for 2023 and try to find little victories in everyday events to keep morale high.  The glass needs to be seen as half full, not half empty.  We believe in you, keep the positive mindset going!

North Star Ear Cuff is your buddy to show off your spirited attitude.  Stars often represent hope and better things to come!  Be that bright star everyone turns to in times of needing a pick-me-up, including yourself.  Let your light shine!

Additional pieces to brighten up beginning of the year!

Happy New Year, loves!





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